“BIZAR”  is the only appropriate word I can think of. In 3 sessions bye bye burnout and finished worrying, sleepless nights, perfectionism, feeling unhappy and lonely, shame, fear, feeling less worthy and able to let go again, living from intuition   both professionally and privately. And attract healthier relationships!


Her mind wanted so badly to understand what and how so many results were achieved in so few sessions. No homework assignments and yet she experiences in the week between the sessions that so much is happening. A rollercoaster, but in a positive way!

The benefits she experienced during the process, being able to let go more easily, no longer proliferate, sleep better, live in the now and look positively to the future.

There have also been a number of situations in which – when she spoke and acted from her intuition – she experienced the result very positively, she actually received compliments. And that she realized that if she had allowed herself to be guided by her head, she would have passed it by out of insecurity, feeling inferior.

A client focused on analytics and science. Still doesn’t understand the process, but has let go of “wanting to understand” due to the fast demonstrable results.

In short:

Yes, done with recurring emotional blocks!
She feels free again, confident, lives in the present and no longer afraid of the future!

In 3 sessions

🔚 Worrying

🔚 Sleepless nights

🔚 Perfectionism

🔚 Feeling unhappy and lonely

🔚 Shame

🔚 Fear

🔚 Feeling inferior


🔜 confident

🔜 independent

🔜 attract the right people

Is she now able to set boundaries in a pleasant way, to lovingly let go of people who have been in her life for a long time. Is she visibly more relaxed if she has to believe her colleagues ;-).

She cannot yet fully comprehend that by using such a “simple” and fast method, she already feels so much calmer and happier!

Only a short session planned for evaluation in which we will celebrate this success!

Looking forward to it already!

In her own words, she no longer needs a follow-up program with her psychologist, because she cannot think of what he / she can do for her now.