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One of the most important keys to happiness was being able, allowed and daring to be 100% myself in any relationship or situation whatsoever.
Hi! I am Manja, mother of 1 son, stepmother of 2 teenage boys and hopefully your new Coach/Guide/Mentor. I am an expert in living from your heart, who you are, what you stand for and what you have to do here. I stand for being true to yourself, living your own values in relationships (both professionally and privately) and choosing from your heart. Super expert to give you the right insights and make you feel to come to the right choice for you for important decisions or to determine clarity and direction.

It took multiple relationships and two burnouts to discover these and other keys.

Love to work on: 

Authenticity   Creating your own happiness  Relationships (all forms, private and work related)  Deep insights and new perspectives Dilemmas, decisions and desires calm and confident

Facts about me and my journey to live life authentic, full of heart and love. 

In addition to being a coach, mentor and (step)mother, I am also a bon vivant with a passion for food, fond of appetizers and culinary trips abroad. I like a fit, feminine and energetic, but relaxed life.

Although I am naturally a bon vivant, this life in love, happiness and “wealth” has not always been this way!

It took me about 20 years to find the love of my life. I have had many dates, 2 wedding ceremonies, relationships with cheating, narcissism and excessive drinking. I have been pregnant 3 times and now proud mother of a sweet teenage son. Despite my positive approach, there were long periods of much sadness, guilt and shame.
Financially I went through difficult times and it was sometimes lonely as a single mother, although at the same time I had lovely people around me.

In addition, I struggled with my weight for almost as long (about 15 years). Tried many diets and different eating patterns. But the biggest problem was (the cause of) my emotional eating, which was often related to the course of my relationships. This started around my 20s because I wanted men to fall in love with me and not my looks when dating.

I had an enormous sense of responsibility, I was “good and bourgeois”; tried to stay in my role both professionally and privately and never crossed the border.

I did, however, continuously let others take over mine. Especially men. Despite my intuition often warning me, I always continued to see the best in the other person and repeatedly plunged into unhealthy relationships.

The way from my head to my heart  

Out of fear I kept making choices from my head. Fear of being alone. Fear of not making it financially. Guilt and shame towards my family, towards my ex; my son’s father.

From my twentieth birthday I carefully opened myself again to my deep inner knowledge, my intuition. I experienced the power of my sensitivity, and it took me to higher positions in business. Still, I didn’t let it go completely and eventually broke down. And ended up in a burnout.

Shortly after my second wedding ceremony, I discovered that I had been going beyond my limits for years. That I took good care of everyone but myself. That’s when the switch turned: I realized that I MYSELF am responsible for my own happiness! This was not dependent on a relationship, my weight, ostentation, materialism or that top job.

From Pitfall to Strength

I had already invested a lot in myself in terms of time and certainly also in terms of money in training, courses, self-help books, spiritual books and trajectories. Partly out of interest, to develop myself and to see if that methodology suited me to use in a possible practice. But certainly also to remove my own blockages along the way.

Despite everything I had done and did… patterns repeated themselves, I ran into similar blocks. And that while I THOUGHT I had learned my lessons. But apparently not good enough or it didn’t last.

In 2017 I followed a training to become a transformation coach. The training was a bull’s eye for my personal process. The missing piece to be able to go just that layer deeper than what I had done and experienced before and to really solve it for good.

All sorts of issues came up that I didn’t even know about, or that I thought I had left behind long ago.
Finally I found the way from my head to my heart.
I came home to myself.

I could and can be who I really am again!

My heart’s wish for you

It is my wish that everyone can, may and dare to be 100% themselves in Love, Life and Bizz, so that you can live, work, communicate and react from your heart with peace and confidence from who you are, what you stand for and what you have to do here.

Life motto: 

Create your own happiness

100% me in (love)life

I knew how to bend my intuition from a pitfall to a strength.

The changes are immense:

I still see the good in people, but no longer at the expense of myself.
I still want to do a lot for someone else, but no longer at the expense of myself.
I still feel exactly where I can help someone else, but no longer at the expense of myself.
I can now fully accept the intensity of life and enjoy it to the fullest.

Thanks to my personal life lessons, I can, may and dare to be 100% myself again. I have taken my happiness into my own hands and am happy in love.
Not just like that, but in a sustainable, happy, healthy equal relationship.

And bizz..

After 3 years, the change also came in the business field. Until then I had hidden behind methods, tools, etc. I “sold” products and methods instead of the customer reading what the end result was on her problem. Distracted by the “success guaranteed” guidelines, I didn’t follow my path. So I didn’t dare to be 100% myself online. Because well, what would my environment or my boss think if they read that I had been a Reiki Master for more than 20 years and gave healings to people.

At the end of 2019 I (temporarily) stopped my practice, with the excuse that I had to follow and complete training courses for my salaried job. A period of rediscovering myself passed. Pfff I really had to kick the habit of working late into the night which I always did. I tried everything.. reading ordinary books, drinking tea to socialize. But I was bored.. I couldn’t find my way. I really felt increasingly unhappy and at home she noticed that I was not myself.

After 3 months I thought it was enough. A new phase started, I deepened my knowledge about essential oils and applied them daily in my life and my mental and emotional processes. That, in combination with conversations with dear like-minded friends, exchanges of energetic sessions, became increasingly clear where my strengths and qualities lie.

It was only after the summer of 2020 that I dared to take the step to make what I have always been visible: my intuitive and energetic gifts. And with that last addition, I embraced myself. I felt myself whole and complete. I can, may and dare to be who I am now. In Love, Life AND Bizz. And now the customers come almost automatically …. No longer a hobby but from flow yet again a serious professional practice.

I am daily working on the growth of myself and my practice. Successful and happy in my relationship/family and my business…

Optimistic, Pragmatic and Spiritual 

I am chronically optimistic. Spontaneously. Open minded and unbiased. Curious and interested. Analytical and pragmatic. Thinking creatively in solutions and possibilities is second nature.

Sensitive to the emotions of others, I am able to see the world through your eyes and understand it from your field of view. Without judgment. Other perspectives are visible to me and I like to express feelings in an accessible way.

My most important "tools" are my intuition, reading and channeling gifts and essential oils (the power of mother earth in a bottle), without putting too much emphasis on them; after all, it is about the end result for you as a customer!

I am also known for using imagery with a lot of humor, which ensures that the penny drops immediately and remains in your memory for a long time.

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