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Offer & Pricing

From doubt, uncertainty and stress
to more peace, confidence, energy and happiness.
Through different kind of single sessions I guide you to important insights, answers and direction.

During the “Authentic You” – journey I will be your coach, sparringpartner and mentor on a deeper level.

Sessions take place online trough a zoom or telephone call, chat or live in my practice in Wijchen (the Netherlands). All sessions can be given in English or Dutch.

During a first contact we determine together what is the best way for you to meet.

The pricing includes 19% VAT and the invoice is always sent (and has to be paid) in advance, unless otherwise agreed.
A payment plan is possible only for the Authentic You – Journey.

When you book a session online, I will contact you within 48 hours on working days to schedule the appointment.

Speeddate – Discovery – call 

Free 20 min zoom call, getting to know each other.Just talk and see if you feel like working with me will to help you and I will feel if I wanna work with you and be able to guide you to your desired outcome. If so we will discuss which program/session suits you best. Without any further obligation. Be aware: this is not a blind date or coach call, but you might leave with a few insights already 😉 
Short session free of charge. 

Quick Question – chat 

This session goes by chat (f.i. whatsapp or (insta)messenger) and is only available for existing clients. You can send my a typed or spoken message with your dilemma. No long story’s; just short with only the relevant information.  And I give you a personalized respons within 48 hours.
With new perspectives or relevant questions trough which you will “know” from your heart and gut exactly what to do, how to react or respond or what to decide. 
Please ask for the exact conditions 
Single session (1 dilemma) € 33,-
Monthly subscription (2 sessions) € 55,-

Clarity – Call 

A 30-45 minutes very effective personal (zoom)call in which you can bring in one or more dilemmas.
We will not only work together to the best outcome (calm en confident about the solution), but also have the time to look deeper why you’re having the dilemma or find it hard to deal with. 
€ 97 new clients  / € 88 ,- existing clients 

Breakthrough Guidance 

Whatever it is or whatever it is about…. through coaching and reading (tuned to your energy and what you need at that moment) you gain valuable insights about your own unhelpful thoughts, negative feelings and unconscious patterns.
You will also receive tips from my own (lovelife & Bizz) lessons, related to your unique situation, with which you can immediately make a difference. 

You will get:
90 minute zoom or live at my practice
One 20 min session (chat or telephone) in 14 days afterwards 

 You can ask questions about almost anything you want. My expertise is authenticity & relationships.
I am also an experience expert in the field of hsp, burnout and entrepreneurship.

  We create clarity and you receive clear insights into what stands between you and your decision or desire, wish for change or what your path/mission is.

Get rid of limiting thoughts and feelings and relevant energetic blocks.

Personalized and practical advice how to implement your intended new approach of decision after the session.

You will leave the session more calm and confident!
Single session: € 297,-

"Authentic You" - Journey  

You have already received great answers and insights during a Clarity Call or Breakthrough Guidance
You would like to get started… but how? What now? What first?

This journey is for you if you are ready to rediscover yourself.
Convert uncertainty and stress into confidence, peace, energy and happiness


This is the foundation to create your life full of hearth, authenticity, love and happiness.
For example: relaxed at work and at the same time be  happy in your relationship/family, in which you can, may and dare to be 100% yourself.

Your own “she lives happily ever after”. Whether you are single, together or stepmother/father.

Everything so you can make calm and confident choices and still walk your path.
Coming home to yourself with new, simple and powerful insights, with a new positive self-image.
We connect with that and you create the movement and transformation you want to see in your life.

I guide you from my expertise in expressing and implementing the choices you have made in your life.  Based on:
Who you truly are,
What you really want,
What you stand for
Based on your unique circumstances.

Daring to choose for yourself more and more easily, without being bothered by the feeling of depriving someone else.
As your mentor, I support you in the process of being able, allowed and daring to be yourself so that you continue to live and work from your heart.


Are you ready to finally follow your own authentic path?!

This is for you if:

you want to get started immediately

you are willing to invest in yourself

you are open to consciousness level, but also allow your feelings

 you're 100% committed (you feel the need / urge to learn and grow)

you are aware that you are ultimately responsible for achieving your result

I would be happy to guide and accompany you during your journey.

The journey contains:

4 sessions 75 minutes (zoom or live)
3 quick question chats between sessions
1 clarity call (30 min) in a month after completing the journey 

€ 1111,- 

  Group sessions / ceremonies  

also give online and live private or small group ceremonies / events/challenges/ trainings. Often with one of my Bizz-Sisters, just for extra (deep) energy and care. When? Whenever we feel like it! Sometimes it is on a really short notice Some are only a one time offer .. other we might even consider to do regularly if you ask politely. So no year calendar planned ahead, just stay tuned all year round .....