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Hi¬†there,¬†I’m Manja¬†

I’m your “go to” person if you¬†don’t know how to deal with / react to or¬†make¬†decision¬†about¬†a situation with your ¬†

boss,  co-worker , employee, business partner

partner / husband / wife

 family / or family in law

 best friend, neighbor etc  

And this dilemma is keeping you awake at night for a while now.

When¬†you’re lying awake it often has to do¬†with¬†the¬†possibility of a negative¬†impact on yourself or others.¬†
Lets be clear; most of the time it’s¬†not¬†about¬†choosing the colour for your new kitchen towels.

Sometimes¬†you think its too small to bother a coach/mentor with. But the fact is, you’ve probably have talked about it with a friend or business partner. Depending the topic or the situation. And they might have give you some good advices.
If you’re “lucky” it will be all kind of advices.
But you began to realize that some of the feedback or advices aren’t real or true. People take sides, talk you to your mouth (for all kind of reasons).
Or .. you might not want to share it with the ones close to you right away. They might be involved in your dilemma or they know the person to well. So you want to keep it private/to yourself. Because you don’t want to hurt the person unnecessarily. Or you want to go trough you personal process fist, before you share it with him/her.¬†

So in the end… you’re back to you.

Oh boy I’ve found myself in different life stages and situations in your position. Even when I¬†made lists in your head with the pro’s and con’s, the do’s and don’ts. I still come to a conclusion… so many things to consider, practical, financial or as said before, people involved.¬†

Even though I came to the point where It would be “all fine by me..” I couldn’t.
I couldn’t make a decision because I was having second thoughts.
I delayed or avoided situations because my planned action or intended response ¬†“didn’t feel right” yet.

I knew I had to do it myself. But I couldn’t figure it out.
I needed someone who could guide me to that point.
To spar with, reflect and support me until I myself had found the right insights into what was good for me, not deliberately negative for the other and.  A outcome that I would fully support and bring into action; calm and confident.

Back to you again.. It’s likely – and I say this from experience¬† – your thoughts have taking precedence over your feelings in this stage…
You don’t know what to believe anymore. Not only from others, but you’re asking yourself is this wat I really want or is it my head talking?¬†

I’m I right?

I think so; otherwise you wouldn’t be visiting my website right now and kept reading so far.

If you already feel you I’m your guy, uh…guidance, sparringpartner or mentor to help you with your dilemma or decision… click here¬†to contact me. Or click the button below to my offering and pricing.

A wonderful transformational journey on a mental, emotional, physical and energetic level.
Not for a just while, but your personal journey to your own
¬†‘happily ever after’!¬†